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A New Word

Credentiously [kred-en uh s-lee]
1.      with criticism and suspicion


April 16: Failure

Ugh. Complete and utter failure. But I guess that's what happens when you go a week without a computer. I'll try again next month, and add on an extra one for May 31. Hopefully, I'll be able to keep up. I'm not planning any vacations to the middle of Nowhere next month, but you never know. I should've been able to do this anyway, but oh well.

-Aly the Spy
Which one, which one? I must decide quickly. He's just asked me and I have but a second to decide. One is so alluring, but the other is just right. I must the correct decision, or else it will be ruined. All of it, ruined. So what shall it be?

One seems so rightous, but that may just be how it's called. And the other, so plain, neutral, but mysterious and alluring.

But who ever really liked it?

He stares at me with empty eyes and I know I must decide.

I shall go with my gut and what is good.

American, then, not Swiss.
Foreman laid a hand on the bare shoulder of his sleeping girlfriend. "Honey, it snowed last night. Almost three feet-- we can't go in."

"What?" questioned a confused, half-asleep Thirteen. She brushed her long brown hair from her face and squinted at him. "Snow? But it's, like, April..." She rubbed her eyes, trying to wake up.

"Yeah, April first," Foreman told her, unable to keep a smile from his face.

As Thirteen's brain began to work, a smile spread across her face. "April Fool's Day," she realized with a grin. "You sneak."

Foreman laughed as he scampered across the room, avoiding the pillow that Thirteen tossed playfully at him. She climbed from beneath the silken duvet and caught him at the bedroom door. She spun him around and kissed him. "I might be a sneak," he told her, "but at least I'm not a fool."

He laughed again as Thirteen hit him playfully in the shoulder. But, even when he made such comments, she couldn't help but love him. She kissed him again before going to get ready. It was April Fool's Day-- only House knew what he had in store for the team.

April Mission

Mission: Write one short (less than 500 words) story every day in April, based on a list of topics.

  1. A practical joke between two unlikely characters
  2. A character's inner monologue debating something trivial but that sounds life-or-death
  3. One character possesses (ah! what's with that word?) the ability to read minds. What is everyone else thinking?
  4. A romantic scene told 1st person by the guy
  5. Script format! Arguing deities
  6. Come up with a new character and include a physical description
  7. Write about a character who wears black lipgloss
  8. Two (or more) characters from different stories get stuck in a room together for an extended period of time
  9. Using a pre-existing character, write about a date he or she goes on and include a physical description
  10. Gambling faeries
  11. Ninjas vs. Pirates
  12. A fanfic based in a video game world
  13. It's the thirteenth-- this calls for a story with Thirteen in it. Pull it House style!
  14. An odd pairing-- romantic!
  15. New character meets an old character, 1st person new character
  16. A current character's kid
  17. A personal narrative told by or featuring a current character
  18. Two words: Vampire llamas
  19. A murder mystery
  20. Two wizards meet in a bar
  21. Include the words reference, hysteric, shady, permit, double, and photon in a short dialog
  22. Script! Two teachers discussing their students
  23. Do the challenge posted last on the NaNo boards
  24. A couple e-mails to and from God
  25. A woman having an affair with a twist
  26. Base it on song lyrics (you know which song)
  27. An excerpt from a sappy romance novel
  28. About a guy named Alavander, or Alave for short
  29. Use at least 6 onomatopoeia words
  30. A dog and a cat who are besties


So, I'm doing National Novel Writing Month, and I'm really feeling the pressure here at the end. It's tough. My word count is currently around 35,000 and I only have two days plus the rest of the day today. I know that I'll make it. I just don't know how, or if I'll be even the least bit sane or coherent afterward. I guess the main thing is that I'll have done it-- 50,000 words in a month. I'll just have to sleep through school on Monday. My teachers will understand-- or they should.


I sit thinking.
Thinking of nothing.
Thinking of her.
How she stirs up butterfliies.
Makes me forget to breathe.
Causes me to stare.
Causes me to think.
Think of her.
Think of something.
Try to think of nothing.

The Game of Life

The Game of Life
It has few rules.
Everyone is born, and everyone shall die.
The rest is set to us.
So, as it is what we are good at, we began to make rules.
At first, it was simple.
Man is superior to woman.
God is superior to man.
Then more complex
Emperor, though man, is descended from God.
Emperor is superior to man.
White man has better technology than black man.
White man is superior to black man.
Black man is inferior to white man.
Black man serves white man.
Then we got smarter.
Black man is born the same way as white man.
Black man and white man are equal.
Woman is born the same way as man.
Woman is equal to man.
Did we regress?
Did we simply come full circle, back to the way of the beginning of mankind?
Nations fight.
Ideas change.
Change is the only continuity throughout our history and our present.
So the rules of the game change each day.
We learn them and adapt in order to survive.
Is life simply a game?
A game has set rules, which sometimes change overtime.
A game evolves in order to survive the test of time.
A player must abide by the rules in order to win.
So, even if we abide by the rules, why do we die in the end?
Is death really the result of a lost game, or a win?
What’s our reward, our trophy, if death is the end of the game?
What peril do the losers face?
If life is a game, are humans are the players, or the game pieces?
Are we chess pieces on a game board that stretches across the universe?
Who plays our game?
Who moves the pieces?
If life is a game, then how do you cheat?

Writer's Block: Tax Day

If you're getting one, how are you planning to spend your tax refund?
 I am getting twelve dollars and I plan to buy art stuff (paint maybe) with it. Hell yes! Twelve dollars!


Writer's Block: Where in the World...

If you were independently wealthy, where in the world would you live and how would you spend your time?
 I would move to San Francisco and spend my time dating guys and shopping and practicing witch craft.