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The Game of Life

The Game of Life
It has few rules.
Everyone is born, and everyone shall die.
The rest is set to us.
So, as it is what we are good at, we began to make rules.
At first, it was simple.
Man is superior to woman.
God is superior to man.
Then more complex
Emperor, though man, is descended from God.
Emperor is superior to man.
White man has better technology than black man.
White man is superior to black man.
Black man is inferior to white man.
Black man serves white man.
Then we got smarter.
Black man is born the same way as white man.
Black man and white man are equal.
Woman is born the same way as man.
Woman is equal to man.
Did we regress?
Did we simply come full circle, back to the way of the beginning of mankind?
Nations fight.
Ideas change.
Change is the only continuity throughout our history and our present.
So the rules of the game change each day.
We learn them and adapt in order to survive.
Is life simply a game?
A game has set rules, which sometimes change overtime.
A game evolves in order to survive the test of time.
A player must abide by the rules in order to win.
So, even if we abide by the rules, why do we die in the end?
Is death really the result of a lost game, or a win?
What’s our reward, our trophy, if death is the end of the game?
What peril do the losers face?
If life is a game, are humans are the players, or the game pieces?
Are we chess pieces on a game board that stretches across the universe?
Who plays our game?
Who moves the pieces?
If life is a game, then how do you cheat?


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