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April Mission

Mission: Write one short (less than 500 words) story every day in April, based on a list of topics.

  1. A practical joke between two unlikely characters
  2. A character's inner monologue debating something trivial but that sounds life-or-death
  3. One character possesses (ah! what's with that word?) the ability to read minds. What is everyone else thinking?
  4. A romantic scene told 1st person by the guy
  5. Script format! Arguing deities
  6. Come up with a new character and include a physical description
  7. Write about a character who wears black lipgloss
  8. Two (or more) characters from different stories get stuck in a room together for an extended period of time
  9. Using a pre-existing character, write about a date he or she goes on and include a physical description
  10. Gambling faeries
  11. Ninjas vs. Pirates
  12. A fanfic based in a video game world
  13. It's the thirteenth-- this calls for a story with Thirteen in it. Pull it House style!
  14. An odd pairing-- romantic!
  15. New character meets an old character, 1st person new character
  16. A current character's kid
  17. A personal narrative told by or featuring a current character
  18. Two words: Vampire llamas
  19. A murder mystery
  20. Two wizards meet in a bar
  21. Include the words reference, hysteric, shady, permit, double, and photon in a short dialog
  22. Script! Two teachers discussing their students
  23. Do the challenge posted last on the NaNo boards
  24. A couple e-mails to and from God
  25. A woman having an affair with a twist
  26. Base it on song lyrics (you know which song)
  27. An excerpt from a sappy romance novel
  28. About a guy named Alavander, or Alave for short
  29. Use at least 6 onomatopoeia words
  30. A dog and a cat who are besties


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