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Spring Break

She was about to scream. She'd tried everything to block the annoying sounds out, but nothing worked. Finally, she threw off her covers and marched across her bedroom. She pulled out the loudest CD she had- ACDC's Back in Black and slid into her stereo. Cranking the volume up loud, the old time rock and roll soon tuned out the screaming and yelling of her younger brother and his friend in the next room. Why little kids had to have play dates at eight on a Saturday morning was beyond her. She climbed back under her warm, silken duvet and fell back asleep to the soothing sounds of ACDC.



I slip into the moonlit room, unseen but heard. She lays on her bed, silent. I see her chest moving up and down with each breath. I walk silently over to the other side of the room and sit on the bed beside her feet. I follow her gaze out the stained glass window, spying the colors that shine through, bathing the hardwood floor in a brilliant rainbow. We sit in silent company, finding comfort in the presence of each other. It isn't fair when something so horrible has to happen to someone that never did such a thing to deserve it. And it isn't fair that she should have to bear it on her own. So here I am. But where the hell else would I be? I'd do anything to be at her side in this moment.

I do not turn as the old door creaks open again, and another's footsteps sound lightly on the old wooden floor. I do not look at the one who sits beside me on the bed, for I already know who they are. We stare though the colored glass in silent companionship trying to let go of the past. We watch the soft moonlight filter through, and try to focus on the future. We can't change what happened in the past, but we can always look foward to the future and hope that what's in store for us is only better.

-Aly the Spy


What quality in your closest friend are you most envious of and why?

 My best friend Melissa is an amazing artist. She can pull a painting out of her ass and it's just awesome. She also has impecable taste in music.


If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life, which one would it be (and why)?
Aerosmith, Ultimate Hits. Absolutely LOVE Aerosmith. Their music has a lot of variety in it and I don't think I would drive me crazy. Besides, its timeless, right? If the world were to break out in nuclear war, and everything else was destroyed, the only things left would be coachroaches and Aerosmith.