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aly_the_spy_15's Journal

My name is Aly and my passion in life is writing. That is all you need to know!
3 doors down, acdc, aerosmith, allison cameron, along came polly, aly & aj, amanada tapping, art, batman, blooregard q kazzo, bon jovi, bones, books, boys, c. s. lewis, camping, cats, charmed, cheese (from foster's), chris daughtry, christina aguilera, christopher paolini, computers, cornelia funke, dare devil, dark fantasy, david borneaz, dht, diana wynne jones, diane duane, drew barrymore, eion colfer, elephants, enrique iglesias, eoin colfer, evanescence, faeries, fanfiction, fantasy, final fantasy, foreign languages, friends, garth nix, ghost whisperer, greenday, hiking, hinder, holly black, house, house m.d., howl's moving castle, hugh grant, hugh laurie, humanities class, internet, j. k. rowling, japanese art, jennifer aniston, jennifer love hewitt, jennifer morrison, jesse spencer, johnny depp, journey, languages, law & order svu, learning, leather couches, lifehouse, limp bizkit, linguistics, lois lowry, macaroni and cheese, madeline l'engle, manga, mario, maroon 5, monk, music, music & lyrics, my chemical romance, nerf herder, notebooks, panic! at the disco, paramore, penguins, pens, phillip pullman, phsyc, pianos, plain white t's, poor man's riches, pop, reading, rock, sci-fi, science, scrubs, seth green, shakespheare, sharpies, sixpence none the richer, spanish, spiderman, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1, swimming, tamora pierce, television, terry pratchett, the all american rejects, the fray, the italian job, the ledgend of zelda, the princess bride, thirteen, uk wildcats basketball, us history, walking, white tiger, writing